Numbers & Counting

Ideas for practicing at home :

  • Flash Cards: Write #s on cards and tape them up your child will see them (in the hall, on the ceiling above their bed, on the wall by their bed, on the bathroom mirror, by the toilet, on the refrigerator, in the car on the seat in front of them so they look at it while you drive). Especially focus on any numbers that are tricky for them. Take a few seconds to name them a few times per day and they'll learn them QUICKLY!

  • Move & Count: Count aloud as you're riding in the car, swinging on swings, jumping on the trampoline or ground, climbing steps, or dancing.

  • Count interesting objects like coins, toys, or snacks.

  • Practice Counting by 10s: If your child is stuck on a number that ends in 9 and not sure which decade comes next (this is VERY common), have them practice counting by tens to 100 so they will learn things like, "after the 20s, come the 30s!"

  • Explore the sites/apps listed below.

  • Try dancing and counting along with any of the fun videos linked below.

Number ID Videos

Counting Videos

Skip Counting Videos

More Math Skill Videos

Recommended Sites & Apps

Starfall is a website and an app that includes great literacy & math activities for Pre-K -> 2nd grade.
Bugs & Numbers is a beautiful app with 18 games that cover everything from basic counting to early fractions. It's great for Pre-K -> 1st grade.
Freckle is a free app and website. Kids from our class like playing this because they get great practice, but they also earn coins that helps them change the way their character looks in the game. :)