Sight Words & Reading

Ideas for practicing at home :

  • Flash Cards: Write words on cards and tape them up your child will see them (in the hall, on the ceiling above their bed, on the wall by their bed, on the bathroom mirror, in the bathroom, on the refrigerator, in the car on the seat in front of them so they look at it while you drive). Especially focus on any words that are tricky for them. Take a few seconds to read them a few times per day and they'll learn them QUICKLY!

  • Check out some of the videos, websites, and apps suggested below.

  • Read the "Helpful Tips for Reading with Your Child" at the bottom of this page for LOTS of helpful tips!

Sight Word Videos

Heidi Songs

These are my FAVORITE sight word videos!!! It's a subscription site, but I feel like it's worth the price!

Recommended Reading Sites

Starfall has a collection of early reading books, videos, and games. It's an app & a website.
Bookflix offers a beautiful collection of paired fiction and nonfiction books. Students can read to themselves or follow along with the words as they are read.
Epic is a great collection of 40,000 digital books. You can get FREE "school access" from 7am - 4pm, Monday - Friday.